I gotta feed the monkey, ya know… (and my kitty cat!)

Below are my standard rates for web content and blog posts…

  • 500 words: $60 (~ $0.12 per word)
  • 1,000 words: $90 (~ $0.09 per word)
  • 2,000 words: $160 (~ $0.08 per word)
  • Over 2,000 words: $0.07 per word

Additional services, such as internal links, external links, and keywords, can be requested for a nominal cost. Up to three revisions are included without additional charge. (FYI, it is rare for me to have to perform more than one revision and most work I deliver is accepted as is… yes, I am that good and reliable!)

Have other special writing projects, such as magazine articles, press releases, white papers, etc.? I have written them before and can write them for you as well.

In other words, if you want professional copy which presents you at your very best, you want me at your side!

Have ongoing writing needs? We can create a monthly arrangement which will deliver you more quality content at a reduced price!

Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

What Clients Say…

Over the years, I have received compliments and positive reviews. Below is a sampling of feedback I have earned through my writing endeavors:

I had the pleasure of working with Ray for over two years. As the sole coordinator of all content orders for the online marking firm I was with at the time, the requests had a way of piling up. Ray was crucial in allowing me to check those boxes off by tackling the hardest writing projects–ones other staff writers would balk at. Moreover, the quality of his work was always top tier even when I set him up with unrealistic deadlines. I’m not sure how he did it, but he always delivered on time and in good form. – Jonathan Silver, Digital Marketing Supervisor, Pacific Dental Services


“Ray is a great and reliable writer who worked for me every week for four years. Over that period of time, I threw all my most challenging tasks at him – across as many diverse industries as you can name – and he always rose to the challenge and delivered beautiful prose on time.” – Brett Golbert, Advertising and PR Professional (former Marketing Manager for SEOP)

Plus anonymous comments earned from clients at Verblio…

“Love it, the extra background information of the company getting acquired is awesome! Thank you as always for doing that extra research to assure an awesome review!”

“Best writer we’ve worked with.”

“Perfect! Another great piece by a talented writer.”

“Awesome as always!”

“Love this article, learned a lot while reading through it!”

“Ray you are a man of many talents. From the humor in our CBD to the awesome optimization in this article you will be our preferred writer for all our clients to come!”

“Great job! Love the tone and the clear case. You nailed it!”

“Ray, you do a great job of taking notes from an outline to create quality content. You are a strong writer. Thank you!”

“Great piece of work. Thank you Ray. Love the way you compared a stand alone smart device to an organ in our bodies… “It is one component of a larger integrated system that works in harmony to function smoothly and efficiently.” Spot on with the request to explain ambient computing in laymen terms. Looking forward to working with you more.”

“Thank you for a well-researched, well-written, 5-star piece! We appreciate how you crafted an easy-to-read format with an engaging topic. We look forward to reading more of your work!”