Because I can and because it’s fun…

Within this area you will find writings I have created for no other reason than pleasure… okay, admittedly I also like kudos and other acts of appreciation which tell me my work reached another human being in a special way. These are my unpaid works, which I can and do claim as my own, with no apologies or explanations offered for the way my mind works or how I select and arrange words.

There are both fictional and poetic efforts for your amusement and distraction. I do hope you enjoy them…


This is my latest project, a fictionally-based, philosophically-inclined character study. Meet and explore Sol, the solitary character with set attitudes and behaviors which define his nature and possibly mirrors that of your own.

Read the first two chapters here

The Short Story of Rasumovski

Remember America OnLine (AOL)? I was an early member of this simplified and self-contained Internet world before the real internet exploded into reality. During my sojourn, I developed a reputation for one of my online personas as a poet, which inspired me to pursue writing as a pleasurable outlet for the first time since my teen years.

This piece provides you with a glimpse of my brief AOL existence, along with a slew of poetry which seemed to burst from one online persona in particular: Rasumovski.