A millionaire mindset is more than money. (Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels)

It is said that wealth is a state of mind. Of course, you can present impressive financial statements to provide proof of your wealth, but the very fact you are compelled to prove your wealth indicates a poor mindset. The fact is secure millionaires never need to regularly check their account balances or worry if the market will turn wonky overnight. It’s not that they have wired their brains to their financial accounts to receive regularly updated balances. Instead, they have set their minds to think, act, and live like millionaires.


Have you ever awakened with a certainty, knowing that today was going to be something special? It wasn’t because of a special day on the calendar, or a new job beginning, or any other occasion of note. It was your mind, setting you up to have an incredible day, often based upon a good feeling rather than factual information intended to lift one’s spirits. 

And that is because facts alone do not drive us, inspire us, move us to excitement, excellence, and performance. Facts are dry bits of information; think of them as kindling. Without the fire to create the energy and heat, that information gets crunched underneath our feet and is powdered into the dust of inaction. But when you take one simple fact and light it up with your own unique ideas, the flickering flame which appears is merely the start of what can be a wildfire concept.

It is that simple. Keep your mind sparking, ready for the right kindling to flare up into a full fire of brilliance and unstoppable vibrancy. Where others are seeing twigs and impediments in their paths, you are collecting the fuel which warms homes, heats foods, and comforts cold bodies. You see opportunity when others complain of obstacles placed in their way.

So your first step to a millionaire mindset is to keep your mind alive, excited, ready to act, almost hard to rein in. Instead of vague fuzzy good feelings, you are creating sharp, vivid images of your wealth, scoring out your path to success in your mind before even taking the first step on your road towards that first million. (Of course, it will be the first of many millions, because once that millionaire mindset has been put in motion, there is no stopping its forward progress!)


The beauty of developing the millionaire mindset is your map is laid out before you even take your first step. It’s similar to deciding upon a physical journey: once you have determined your destination, you next need to choose your preferred method of transport, whether that is by car, air, water, or even on foot. Remember that arrival is less important than starting the journey; in fact, enjoying the journey itself makes the trip that much more enlightening, valuable, and appreciable than hurrying to a final destination and ignoring the beautiful landmarks on the passage.

As you can probably see by now, attitude determines the worth of the journey. Yes, it is important to keep your eyes on the prize, but that doesn’t require a constant stare. If your focus remains so narrow as to only see one prize in the process of living your life (or traveling your journey), imagine the wealth of resources being overlooked in sacrifice of attaining just one result.

As often happens for the sojourning millionaire, usually sooner than later, you realize you set your sights much lower than you needed; with a millionaire mindset, you can really accomplish anything you desire. Which brings you to the classic conundrum: be careful for what you wish, because you just might get it!   


It happens at different stages for each person who learned to develop a millionaire mindset: you realize your destination IS the journey. Paradise is not a patch of land void of thistles, weeds, and snakes: it is the state of mind which allows you to bring paradise with you on your many, as yet undiscovered and unexpected, journeys. Home is now where the mind and heart are bound together; it is not a sanctuary from the madness of the universe but instead home is every place you walk, every bed upon which you sleep and dream, and at every table where you sup.

The person with the millionaire mindset does not sit off in a corner, tabulating their financial gains, drooling slightly at the thought of millions of dollars sitting idly in some financial institution, an abstract cushion of comfort. The person with the millionaire mindset instead envisions the millions already accumulated as the grain which feeds us today and holding the seeds to grow an even greater amount of grain for the next season. This person sees money not as static but as the fuel to feed current and future generations, when in the hands of the individual who learned to develop and master a millionaire mindset.  

When it is stated that your destination is your journey, this does not imply you must be constantly on the move in a physical or geographic sense of being. Once you develop a millionaire mindset, you also develop a state of mind and process of looking at life that transforms your thinking and attitude to one of a positive flow. Each day is viewed as another step in this journey of life, making each awakening an event of great moment and anticipation. 


You may have noticed that real millionaires dress how they want, worrying little about fashion trends, and often drive old clunkers. They have no need to convince others (and themselves) that they have “made it” in the world of success. The proof of their millionaire way of life isn’t in shiny new material representations of wealth; it is in their smile of satisfaction, the look of certainty in their eye, the gait of confidence in their walk, and the peace in their hearts.

As the famous American minister Henry Ward Beecher (1813 – 1887) declared, “Riches are not an end of life but an instrument of life.” Think of your riches as a musical instrument which spreads joy and fulfillment whenever it is properly played.

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