What do “they” know about you??? What do “they” know about you??? ( Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels)

Let us just say that it is a cost of these modern tech times. With traffic cameras on most streets, even a simple drive to the store is being tracked.

Do you know the ways you are being tracked? More importantly, can you cloak your actions and behaviors to stop these sneaky tactics? Fortunately for you, the answers to those two questions are both a resounding “Yes!”


  • IP Address Tracking – every time you browse the Internet, your IP address has been noted. Just as personal as your street address (but more revealing of your private thoughts), this is a tactic that can be stopped now! Cloak Solution: Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) such as Private Internet Access, which masks your IP address.
  • Browser Cookies – who doesn’t love cookies? Internet users don’t! While cookies can make your return to a favored website smoother by saving settings, it also can trigger unwanted ads. Cloak Solution: In your browser settings, find the advanced tab and turn off cookies.
  • Credit Card Purchases – if you think your credit line is the most valuable part of your credit card, think again! Revealing your buying patterns is a goldmine for businesses. Cloak Solution: If you do not want merchants knowing and selling your purchasing habits, use PayPal instead.
  • Smartphone Apps – Uber was caught using their iPhone app to access your private information, but the are not the only company to unethically use a phone app for their benefit. Cloak Solution: Read the terms and conditions of any app you are installing; don’t install if they will use your data in ways you do not like.
  • Search Engines – major search engines love to help you find what you are looking for. But you are also helping them understand human behavior, both collectively and individually, which they sell at a profit. Cloak Solution: Use search engines that respect your privacy, like DuckDuckGo.
  • Social Media – it may seem like everyone is on social media these days; rest assured scammers are constantly surfing social media platforms to find easy breaches. Some companies, like Facebook, will use GPS to find you and acquire your contacts in your phone! Cloak Solution: Know their powers before you install their program and manage your settings and permissions to limit their abilities to monitor you.
  • Rewards Programs – similar to the credit card problem mentioned previously, companies offering rewards programs make more money by selling your shopping data to others. Cloak Solution: Review terms of a rewards program you plan to join; if the merchant retains the power to sell your personal information without a choice to opt out, skip it!
  • Emails – two of the biggest free email providers are Gmail and Yahoo. What most email account holders of these two services do not know is that their terms allow them to review your emails with the idea of serving up ads geared to your interests. Cloak Solution: both Gmail and Yahoo allow you to opt out of their program to aim ads at you.

As stated in the beginning, there is a cost to living in our high tech society. The good news is that you can cut those costs with cloaking solutions to keep your life private and more secure. Visit our website at XXXXX to get your own free cloaking tools!

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