Your ideas and messages expressed through my virtual pen…

For over a decade I have written for various clients and used different platforms to connect with new clients and prospects.

Most of the writing I perform for clients is ghost-written: the client owns the completed work and I forfeit any rights or claims to its amazing (of course!) content.

However, once in a while I encounter a situation where my name appears on the writing or the owner generously permits me to link to content I have written for them.

Works Published On Other Websites

Below you will find a few links to websites where my authorship appears (or the website owner approves my linking to content which I wrote for them) along with some Verblio writing samples.

The following are articles written by me and which carry my byline:

I also wrote the following web content for Swedish Freak

  • Pippi Longstocking – a web page about the author of the famed fictional character who hailed from Sweden
  • Sweden Day Tours – different natures tours all within hours of Stockholm, offered by a local tour company
  • Northern Light Tours – overnight and multi-day tour packages in northern Sweden by the same tour company
  • Wild Sweden Tours – multi-day camping tours of various scales of ruggedness to experience the vast Swedish wilderness, also hosted by the same company

More Sample Articles

Below are samples of the types of articles I create for clients…