Interdependence Day

“Nature has never read the Declaration of Independence. It continues to make us unequal.” Will Durant

Can the circle be unbroken?

July is the month when Americans celebrate Independence Day by wasting money, blowing off explosives, and generally bragging about our independent superiority. However, once the 4th passes by, we rather unceremoniously and unconsciously sink back into our daily lives of interdependence, while continuing to operate under the pretense that Americans in particular are uniquely individual and independent. Continue reading “Interdependence Day”

Playing with Passion

“To play without passion is inexcusable.” Ludwig van Beethoven

The fire and passion of Beethoven

Among classical composers, Beethoven stands out as one of the most memorable and powerful creators of music. While erudite musical analysts and critics can provide detailed and specific reasons for his greatness, his quote about passion perhaps offers an ideal summation of the power of his work. Indeed, passion plays a significant role in much of his work, especially his later pieces.

However, this is not an essay on either history or classical music, but rather a rumination about the power and impact that passion brings to one’s life. Continue reading “Playing with Passion”

I Love Strippers

I Love Strippers
Strippers Make Great Tippers!

As a Lyft driver, I drive people from all walks of life around town. I have had individuals from halfway houses, on parole, drunk, business people, visitors on vacation, and, yes, even strippers. As an aging male, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that I love strippers because they are young, attractive, and sexy (at least according to the dictates and ideas of the general public). Continue reading “I Love Strippers”

Converting God

“… people prefer to believe in and worship a god who is remote rather than live out the godlike nature which is their inherent being.” Henry Miller (from Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch)

Where is Earth in the Universe?

In the true beginning, there may have been heavens, but there was certainly no Earth as we know it. About 10 or so billion years after this real beginning, there was finally an Earth, but even then it was uninhabitable by even single cell organisms for several billion more years. And far from being the center of the Universe, Earth is merely a speck of a speck of a speck of dust Continue reading “Converting God”

Ruminations & Remonstrances

I like to think! Sometimes, my thoughts come in the form of ruminations, while at other times they dwell on the many remonstrances that plague me due to the dysfunctional society in which we live.

As you read through my upcoming as well as past posts, you will find different ruminations and remonstrances, some of which I trust you will be in agreement with me. As to those mental meanderings with which you disagree, hopefully it will spark your own thoughts and opinions which are obviously just as valid as my own.

Feel free to comment upon any of my posts; I welcome your ideas and suggestions!