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If you live in or have visited Albuquerque, chances are that we have met when you requested a Lyft ride. I have been driving for Lyft in the Albuquerque area since late April, 2017 (before that time, for approximately 6 months I drove for Uber).

I have been a resident of New Mexico since 2008. Prior to moving to the Land of Enchantment (or is that Entrapment?), I had the opportunity to spend 8 years living in Prague in the Czech Republic. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but have also lived, respectively, in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Dallas, Texas, and Denver, Colorado before beginning my European stay.

My interests revolve around art, most particularly music and books. If you have been in my car, you most likely noticed my bobbling Beethoven bust on the dashboard, along with a quote by him: “To play without passion is inexcusable.” In addition to classical music, I have a deep affinity for jazz and world music, as well as an appreciation for most other musical genres. As to books, I love both classic works as well as non-fiction books. Recently, I have been delving into the history of classical music, which has led me to read about the many great composers during the classical period, as well as the events surrounding and affecting Europe during that era.

Finally, I have two adorable Bengal cats who keep me company (and busy) when I am not on the road driving passengers about town.

Raja & Arbuckle

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